Dean didn't have any illusions about the future.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Thanks for the chocolate. It was delicious.

I spent a lot of time with Saqib.


Sigurd used the F word.

Kelly cleared his throat and begin to speak.

Ask him to join us.

She is estranged from her parents.

I was aware of the situation.

Carole sounded like he meant it.

Their hearts were beating very fast.


Roy said he was tired.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ariel could sell anything.

Marlena taught Granville how to bake bread.

When her husband died, she felt like committing suicide.

Ask Rayan to stay a while.

Raj hasn't been here already, has he?


This article is high quality.

Sleep when you are tired.

Welcome, prisoners... I mean, guests.

Thomas closed the shop.

Chuck has been living here on an expired visa since 2013.

The root of a flower is as weak as a baby's finger.

You never told me that you didn't know how to speak French.

Can you stop her?

This is a photo of my drawing.


Even the popular senator was surprised that thousands of people would throng to his political rallies.


Which railroad do you prefer to travel on?

Don't believe everything you hear. Don't love everything you see. Don't say everything you know. Don't do everything you want.

I think this photo was taken in May.


He always sings while having a shower.

If it goes well, then it belongs to everyone. If it goes badly, then it belongs to one person.

There isn't time for that.

Pakistan is a Muslim country.

Would you give me your number?

They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now.

She pretended that she didn't hear me.

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I don't think Ronald likes to ski.

I got hurt in the shoulder.

It must have been terribly difficult getting around in the days before automobiles were invented, or railroads or anything like that.

Put on your apron.

Alejandro hopped in the backseat.

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I was disgusted.

Denis is a language nerd.

How long have you had those?


I like the view.

How many things did you buy?

Sassan knows some words in French.

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What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

We use only the best brand of wine.

Amarth and Martin got engaged today.

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I'm thin.


I designed it myself.

Who wants to learn Polish?

Daniel and Ping wanted to be together.

She suspected that it was too late.

My wrist hurts.

Can you lend some money until the weekend? Sorry I can't. I'm broke.

I inferred from our conversation that he was unhappy with his job.

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I know who my enemy is.

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Shall I make no reply, but say something else?


The kiwi is a flightless bird of comparable size to the chicken.

We have to figure out whether we have enough money to do that.

My name is Sally.

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Dan and Linda went to a restaurant.

I want you to tell me how to do this.

I believe that's a bad sign.

There were times when Leora wished he hadn't married Becky.

He probably buys them abroad.

Someone famous said that imagination is more important than intelligence.

The picture was held on by a pin.

Do you know anybody who might be able to tell me what happened?

I didn't actually go to college.

How much money are we talking about?

We can't get her on the phone.

It's a quarter to three.

That's not the same.

Nobody wanted to buy land in my country.

I earn my living as best I can.


Stay here and help me.


King finished his beer.


Kyung said he was poor.

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Dad extended his legs on the sofa.

No one knew for certain how the accident happened.

No one came except Sir.

Get some Danish pastries.

Brian borrowed my clothes without asking me.

You seem to have lost sight of original objective.

I'm not going to take you back to Boston with me.

His heart was torn by sorrow.

I wish you could've met Jan when you were in Boston.

I don't like apples.

When writing a sentence, generally you start with a capital letter and finish with a period (.), an exclamation mark (!), or a question mark (?).


I saw you with Deirdre.

He's a famous artist.

The garden was surrounded by a wooden fence.


Nobody saw me leave the room.

I can't wait to tell Henry.

We couldn't help laughing at his joke.

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A button from his overcoat fell off.

I'm hungry. What about you?

I won the raffle.

That's a blood orange.

Water is scarce in this area.


She broke the world record.


Carlo stepped back from the blackboard.

There's something weird happening.

That's the reason she doesn't want to be with him anymore.


She lied about being pregnant.

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He took me to school by car.

Trading partners are leaning on Japan to clarify its trade policy.

You can trust her, she always keeps her promises.

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What is a Christmas market?

I almost feel guilty.

The mother lay beside her baby on the bed.

We made a wrong turn and got lost.

Annie doesn't like this game.

We need to be cautious.

A good book is a great companion.

I want you to think about that.

You're frightening the guests.

Will you help me practice my pronunciation?

Kathleen is sure that he'll win.

Also, after it is whipped, a fluffy texture emerges.

They won a big contract.

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I want you home now.


That's why my bleeding heart doesn't heal.

Christian left at four in the morning.

He motioned for me to follow him.


What's the minimum salary in Gibraltar?

I can't ask Rick for that.

Grab your fishing pole and tackle box and let's go fishing.


Sheila stopped talking when he saw Bruno.

It was a pleasure to meet you Stella, I am so sorry for whatever I said to irk you the wrong way.

He cannot be young.


The pencil is blunt. It needs sharpening.

Please, show me these photos.

Antimatter is highly unstable.

When I travel, I prefer to travel by air.

Vishal never wants to see Rajarshi again.

There sure are a lot of mosquitoes in this room.

He's wearing a cummerbund.

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I know what you did in Boston.

Amy worked in the yard last Saturday.

Dominic drank a few cups of coffee to keep himself awake.

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You have a lot to learn about women.


The street which leads to the hotel is narrow.

I won't betray Gigi.

Are you interested in football?


How's your day going?


Mother is preparing supper.

I don't make the rules.

Could you help me for just a minute?

We must get our hair cut.

He is worthy to be captain of our team.

My mother always says she's going to visit me soon.

You might just be able to stop me.

Why don't we give this another try?

It's already 11:30. We should turn in.

I'll need a few things.

They weren't invited.